Warning Disclaimer

Any activity involving motion, height or speed creates the possibility of serious injury. No gymnastic mat is a fail-safe to injury. Never land on head, neck or back onto any type of mat as serious, catastrophic injury, even death, could result. You assume a risk of serious injury in using this sports equipment. This risk can be reduced by strictly following these rules at all times.
1. Use the equipment under the supervision of trained and qualified coaches and instructors.
2. The equipment must be used only when protected by proper matting as recommended by the 'International Gymnastics Federation'. If in doubt concerning the matting required, do not use the equipment.
3. The equipment must only be used with proper spotting equipment and qualified instructors suitable to the activity or skill. Always consult a qualified instructor.
4. Know your limitations and the limitations of the equipment. Follow progressive learning techniques and always consult an instructor.
5. Always inspect the equipment before each use for proper stability, wear and tear and signs of safety concerns. If you have concerns notify your instructor or facility manager.
6. Always inspect the equipment for loose fittings, loose cables, shackles and locks before each use. Replace any worn, defective or missing parts.
7. Always inspect the equipment for improper installation. If in doubt do not use the equipment.